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Success Through Collaboration

Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative specifically developed to generate awareness and recognition of Ireland’s benefits as an optimum location to host digital assets.  By providing timely and accurate information regarding Ireland’s hosting landscape with the help of partner companies, Host in Ireland is redefining industry perceptions. Using a blend of the  the 5Ps- Policy, Pedigree, People, Power and Pipes- Host in Ireland is demonstrating and showcasing Ireland’s cost-effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible infrastructure as compared to most other locations throughout Europe.

About Us

Expanding globally is an important step in most businesses and as such, it should never be taken lightly. Find out more about Host In Ireland here.

Success Stories

Hear from leading companies and our sponsors on how Ireland’s 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power have helped their companies thrive.


Reports, infographics, case studies and more all at your finger tips to get the most out of Host In Ireland.

The 5 Ps

The “5 Ps” – Policy, Pedigree, People, Power and Pipes, sustains Host in Ireland.

Representing the most important aspects of digital asset hosting, Ireland’s integration of these five key elements provides a structured foundation for companies of all sizes and markets.

With an understanding of how to meet needs across the board, Ireland has the ability to offer companies’ the support they need when hosting their digital assets in the EMEA region.

  • Policy

    Ireland applies a pragmatic, pro-business approach to policy issues including data protection and IP with a competitive corporate tax structure.

  • Pedigree

    Ireland is the European "home" for over 1,000 global companies including more than 750 U.S.-based organizations.

  • People

    Ireland's readily available workforce is highly educated, experienced, tech-savvy, multifaceted and multilingual with 40% of the population under the age of 30.

  • Power

    Ireland has been aggressively exploiting its renewable energy resources, making strides towards a future of cleaner and more affordable power options and commitment to 40% of energy from renewables by 2020.

  • Pipes

    Situated on the axis between the American and European continents, Ireland has a superior strategic global position to provide secure and resilient low-latency global connectivity.

The Founder

Garry Connolly
President and Founder, Host In Ireland
Co-chair of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Awareness Coalition

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council works together to cultivate a comprehensive strategy to further Host in Ireland's mission of providing the digital assets hosting community with timely and accurate information, developing a clear understanding of Ireland’s superior offerings and available opportunities for global business.


Ilissa Miller
CEO, iMiller Public Relations

Bernard Geoghegan
Data Center Executive

Version 3

David McAuley
Founder, Bitpower

Diane Hodnett
CEO and Executive Director

Jim Rice
Chairman, Irish Manufacturer's Association

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of 17 individuals who work in the industry to support all aspects of the Host in Ireland initiative through collaboration, business advocacy efforts and strategic guidance focused on improving Ireland’s position within the industry as a superior digital assets hosting location.

Host In Ireland Partners

Host In Ireland 2017 Premiere Partnership Prospectus