Why Ireland? We ask Adroll…

AdRoll is a Silicon Valley start-up with technology that has gone down a storm in the fast-changing world of online advertising. Such was its success that it began to look for a base outside of North America to expand its operations. Marius Smyth, managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, explains….

What exactly do you do?

We provide the number one retargeting technology for advertisers globally. Retargeting is when a company re-engages with customers after they have visited their website. It works by keeping track of people and displaying retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online. With only around 2 per cent of people converting into a sale when they visit a web site, it’s a way for our clients to reconnect with the other 98 per cent as they go off somewhere else. It’s a platform where clients only pay for what they use and it’s becoming as ubiquitous as Google AdWords.

When did you come to Dublin and why?

After launching in San Francisco in 2007, then opening a New York office, the next stage was to go global. Dublin was opened in October 2013. Since then we have opened offices in Sydney, Japan and London. I was taken on to set up the office in Ireland. I’m originally from Northern Ireland but had spent the previous eight years working in Google’s headquarters in Dublin. Google has always provided something of a blueprint for how AdRoll might grow, so its presence was an influence on the firm coming here. Our business models are very similar: the ability to scale quickly and attract lots of different advertisers across many different types of business. Financial and taxation factors are definitely part of why we are here, but it’s also about the ease of doing business in Ireland compared to other countries in Europe. Originally posted on TelecityGroup. To read this article in its entirety, please click here: Read More