“Where Deals Are Done in the Cloud Economy”

By Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host in Ireland HII3Datacloud Congress 2015 was held in Monaco earlier this month.  The event, which is a successor to the Datacentres Europe and Enterprise Cloud Forum, consisted of two days of panel sessions, keynotes, hands-on workshops and product demonstrations.  As a media partner of the event, Host in Ireland had an opportunity to exhibit among 1,800 key executives from datacentre, cloud and hosting service provider businesses, cloud brokers, systems integrators, managed services companies, and fiber and connectivity owners and operators. HII1Over the course of the two-day conference, we had the privilege of collaborating with IDA Ireland through co-exhibition in our pod and joint panel sessions, in addition to engaging with key executives and participating in panel sessions of our own.  This unique platform allowed us to deliver our key messages to a broad group of international industry leaders. The “Global Datacentres: Market Opportunity, Investment Risk and Future Outlook” panel we participated in focused on global markets in the datacentre and cloud industries, taking a look at the emerging markets from an investment perspective and evaluating case studies from each region.  As we have said before, Ireland is not an emerging market, but an established, evolving location that has embraced the waves of change.  Ireland has pedigree linked to a history of sizable tech companies residing there for years. For instance, IBM established its first office in Dublin in 1956 and has expanded in Ireland since then. HII2In subsequent years, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of tech heavyweights flocking to Ireland.  There are many reasons for this migration, such as the three new US submarine cable deployments in the last three years.  This is just one example of how Ireland has continued to support the growing needs of technology companies.  Ireland attracts these heavyweights using a blend of the 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power. The “secret sauce” is the collaboration between top companies to improve Ireland’s proposition and work together to succeed - “Success Through Collaboration”.