Ireland: a stand-out European data centre destination of choice

Originally posted to Future-tech,

ireland-a-stand-out-european-data-centre-destination-of-choiceFor the majority of organisations, big data is clearly the order of the day. According to “Europe for Big Data”, a report published by Forbes, nine out of 10 companies say they are exploiting big data to inform and optimise their business processes and strategies.

Data is driving all organisations, regardless the industry or geography they operate in. And it’s recent advances in technology that are generating real commercial opportunities for organisations to leverage. Leading international businesses are using smart technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to capture, analyse and use their corporate and customer-related data. It enables them to better understand and respond to their target markets, discover new business models and create improved product offerings.

However, the increasing volume of data being collated by organisations is putting additional pressure on existing IT infrastructures, which is driving data management, data centres and cloud technologies to become high-growth businesses. The challenges and opportunities that big data presents are now key considerations when deciding where to locate big data projects.

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