INEX Announces a Regional Internet Exchange in Cork

inex_logo_defaultThe creation of INEX Cork will help foster the existing positive momentum in the communications industry in the region. INEX (Internet Neutral Exchange Association), Ireland’s Internet Peering Point, has announced that it will open its first regional Internet exchange point in Cork. The announcement of the new Internet Exchange (IX) reflects the growing Internet and digital economy in Cork and will provide a facility that will ensure that Internet traffic is served locally in the region, where possible. The CIX data centre, located in Hollyhill in Cork, has been selected as the carrier neutral location for INEX Cork, which is expected to go live in early Q2 2016. "Communications infrastructure and the Internet economy as a whole are developing fast in Cork, said Barry Rhodes, INEX Chief Executive. “The arrival of the Hibernia Express subsea fibre cable, and the other international subsea fibre cables that are expected, have created a momentum in the city that the INEX Cork IX will help to further stimulate. INEX celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2016 and we are delighted to be marking this milestone with the launch of INEX Cork." To encourage existing and new INEX members to connect to the exchange, port charges will be waived at INEX Cork until January 2019*. INEX Cork will be a stand-alone exchange, independent of the INEX network in Dublin. INEX currently has in excess of 100 members and has points of presence (PoPs) at six data centres in the Dublin area that are connected via its own dedicated resilient fibre links. With peak traffic levels approaching 110 Gigabits per second, the exchange handled over 200 Petabytes of data in 2015. Internet Exchange Points, like INEX, provide the facility where organisations with Internet traffic (content and ‘eyeball’ networks) can interconnect directly with each other. This direct interconnection helps improve the quality of the service and can assist in reducing transit costs that would be incurred if the traffic was directed over non-local links, either nationally or sometimes internationally.

About INEX

INEX is a neutral, industry-owned Association, founded in 1996, that provides IP peering facilities for its members. INEX membership is open to all organizations that can benefit from peering their IP traffic and there are currently over 100 members. INEX is located in six data centres in the Dublin region and has announced the opening of its first regional Internet Exchange in Cork to go live in Q2 2016. Now in use at over 25 Internet Exchange Points around the world, INEX developed IXP Manager, a web application that facilitates the running of Internet Exchange Points. IXP Manager is released as open source software and is part of INEX’s contribution to the Internet Community. A full list of members is available at To learn more about INEX, visit