What Are Industry Leaders Saying about IDA Ireland?

By: Host in Ireland 6/30/14 When expanding into a new territory, the first question is typically “where do I start?”  IDA Ireland, headquartered in Dublin, assists foreign investment companies in identifying those next steps to ensure successful foreign development. As Host in Ireland continues to drive home its message of the “5 Ps” (policy, people, pedigree, pipes, and power), it is clear that IDA Ireland exemplifies the superior quality of the people and service you’ll find when hosting assets in Ireland. Responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment via funding and grant programs, IDA also increases awareness of the benefits of hosting in Ireland, while attracting new businesses. In this recent video featuring multiple global business leaders, it becomes clear that IDA Ireland is an indispensable asset to each company expanding its business in the country, and for some - a major factor in the decision to choose Ireland as their preferred expansion location.  Describing IDA with words like “welcoming” and “hospitable”, to “streamlined” and “experienced”, each interviewee shared his or her positive experiences with IDA Ireland. IDA Ireland has the ability to offer foreign investors assistance in information and statistics, introductions to potential investors, advice on property solutions, and more.  With more than 60 high-growth companies having entered the market via IDA’s assistance, it is widely considered as an institution of unparalleled superiority. The opportunity to work with IDA Ireland gives those utilizing Host in Ireland a unique advantage while entering the market of digital assets hosting in Ireland.  With timely and accurate information from Host in Ireland and its collective sponsors, as well as knowledge of IDA Ireland’s support of the initiative, investors can be assured in their decision to host digital assets in Ireland is sound. To view IDA Ireland’s video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbraPAPYEn0&feature=youtu.be. To learn more about Host in Ireland, visit http://www.hostinireland.com.