Hosting Data in Ireland: What Apple, Google & Facebook Know That You Don’t

From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Large & Small Host in Ireland” by: Garry Connolly, Founder and President, of Host in Ireland Ireland is increasingly viewed by businesses as a global data centre hub. A recent TelecityGroup Ireland surveyed Senior IT decision-makers supports the claim, that one in five Irish-based companies has spent over €500,000 on data hosting in the past year. What are the key drivers to locating data centres and digital assets in Ireland? Euro symbol on processor. The 5 Ps: Policy, Pedigree, People, Power and Pipes. Policy - Ireland is pro-business, implementing a wide range of corporate tax benefits and policies supporting multinationals. The financial incentives entice organisations to choose Ireland for their strategic EMEA activities. Pedigree - Ireland is the popular digital asset hosting destination for over 1,000 multinationals, including more than 750 U.S. based organisations. Ireland is home to some of the largest Over-The-Top (OTT) content and e-Commerce companies, as well as pharmaceutical, finance and healthcare corporations. People - Ireland’s workforce is young and highly educated, not to mention experienced, tech-savvy, multifaceted and largely multilingual. Power - Ireland’s cool climate is favourable for the hot-running servers within many of today’s data centres, resulting in substantial savings on energy costs. Pipes - Ireland’s advanced telecommunications infrastructure and quality transatlantic connectivity make it the springboard for high-speed, low latency networks to the U.S., United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Boasting Policy, Pedigree, People, Power and Pipes, Ireland is poised for continued growth as a data centre and digital asset hub to help today’s businesses thrive. To learn why Ireland is a premium location to host digital assets for companies of all sizes and industries. Guest speaker is Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner. Join us for a free event on November 10th at the RDS, Ballsbridge, click here to register.