Equinix Report Finds Common Ground Between Ireland-Based Companies and FDI Multinational Enterprises When Selecting Digital Hosting Environments

business-17686_640Recently, Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company, decided to take a closer look at the data hosting market in Ireland and commissioned a survey that appeared in TechPro Magazine. The results, released earlier this month, revealed striking similarities between the priorities of Ireland-based companies and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) multinational enterprises when seeking a data center for hosting digital assets.

As the results show, more than half of both groups utilize a mixed strategy of data center and on-premise hosting. When asked to rank the most important factors considered when choosing a particular data center, both Irish companies and FDI multinational enterprises cited the same top reasons—capacity for expansion and increased security — as reported by 50 percent of Irish respondents and 60 percent of FDI respondents, respectively. In addition, the overwhelming majority, including three quarters of all Irish companies and 99 perfect of all FDI multinational enterprises surveyed, agree that recent announcements of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon locating their data centers in Ireland positively impacted their view of the country as a viable hosting option.

Technology companies and data center providers are working together on a global level to conserve environmental resources and reduce their overall carbon footprint. Underscoring that global objective, nearly 80 percent of survey respondents from both Irish companies and FDI multinational enterprises agree that green energy is a strong factor when considering hosting opportunities. As global sustainability initiatives remain top of mind, so too does the need to maintain optimal connectivity to and from critical locations around the world. According to survey results, 90 percent of both Irelan-based companies and FDI multinational enterprises report reliance upon fast, low-latency connectivity to and from the UK, U.S. and Europe.

The results of this survey reinforce Host in Ireland’s core message concerning the critical nature of the “5Ps” of digital assets hosting – Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power. These five attributes help to define Ireland as an optimal location for digital assets hosting in the EMEA region.

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