Co-opetition: Collaborating Beyond Four Walls

Ilissa MillerBy: Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations and Advisory Council Member, Host in Ireland

In marketing, there is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs in which competitors cooperate with one another in order to progress forward within an industry.  We call this type of unconventional collaboration, “co-opetition”.  With a mission to educate the general marketplace on Ireland’s available hosting benefits, Host in Ireland has seized the opportunity to expand its limits of collaboration, carving a brand new path to achieve its goals and objectives.

This idea of “co-opetition” is critical to the entire Internet infrastructure community in the sense that in most cases, we generally do not work together, but rather compete for business within the marketplace. However, this one-dimensional perspective becomes detrimental and eliminates the opportunity to expand the industry together, thus stifling its potential growth.  By working alongside one another, there is enough opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves through unique offerings and benefits while still pushing towards a common overarching goal.  Leveraging a relationship of cooperation among a wide range of industry partners, Host in Ireland is the embodiment of “co-opetition”.  The initiative creates an opportunity to enhance the strength of the partners’ collective global message in Ireland, while providing a platform to differentiate each individual and company, and present their products, services and solutions in a unique manner.  Through the use of this tool, Host in Ireland has created the ideal situation for outside consumers to gather a deeper understanding of the Irish hosting environment, while generating a strong platform for individual partners to extend their unique services to the community.

The Host in Ireland Advisory Council was specifically designed to include individuals that work on the industry rather than in the industry.  As the partners drive the industry from within, enabling businesses to succeed from a technical perspective, we, by contrast, take a unique, outside perspective.  The Advisory Council provides feedback from a new and differing standpoint to help shape the companies in the industry in the most effective manner.  By truly listening to what the Host in Ireland partners have to say, understanding their individual challenges and identifying key industry messages, we can leverage our combined expertise to create new opportunities to bring our messages to market.  This allows companies to differentiate themselves and contribute to the success of both their personal businesses as well as the overall initiative.

2015 is all about ramping up Host in Ireland’s visibility within the marketplace and breaking out of the comfort zone to find new methods of reaching out to targets and prospects to educate them in a way that has never been done before. By thinking outside of the box, I plan to add to the Host in Ireland initiative innovative approaches to bringing our message to market as a member of the Advisory Council.  In 2015, we will continue our forward momentum as we work together in healthy co-opetition, propelling the initiative to the next level of success.