11kV Utility supplies for Data Centres

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The amount of electrical power needed to supply data centres rises inexorably. This is despite seemingly never ending gains in IT computing power efficiency which only results in greater density, to the extent that the only viable option is to take electrical power from the utility grid at 11kV. This trend presents new challenges to the electrical engineer designing data centre power systems.
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Dot-com data centre reaches end of life

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The London based data centre operator engaged with Future-tech to design and plan the logistics and sequencing associated with the refurbishment and upgrade of its primary data centre. All power and cooling equipment from the transformers, generators and UPS through to the air handling units and BMS have to be refurbished or replaced whilst maintaining live services to existing clients.

Much of the data centre’s critical infrastructure has reached the end of its serviceable life. Together with this, cabinet power densities have increased significantly since the late 90’s and early 2000’s and the facility’s capacity now needs to be 9MW+ if it is going to provide market acceptable power densities.

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How 60 Years of Innovation Turned Ireland Into Overnight Success for Digital Hosting Industry

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5 Things Growing Start-Ups Need to Know

Originally posted on Silicon Republic For growing start-ups, there are a lot of things to consider at the start. How are you going to make money? What do you need to get started? Jelle Frank van der Zwet of Interxion has five essential tips to get you on the right road. growing-start-ups-advice-718x523For the majority of start-ups, getting the business going is their main focus, as it should be. Developing the product, getting ready to market, generating investment and pushing sales are all top priorities in those first couple of weeks, months and beyond. Read more

Schneider Electric White Paper describes framework for responding to datacentre emergencies

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System Fail Situation

As modern business becomes increasingly reliant on 24 * 7 IT services, datacentres are obliged to ensure that they can provide resilience and keep working under all circumstances. This in turn means they must be prepared for exceptional events or emergencies and have plans in place to maintain continuous operation. Despite best practices being observed during site selection, extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown that facilities may at any time be exposed to risks above and beyond hazards those from which they are normally protected. Read more