The Host in Ireland initiative comes from humble beginnings to one of collaboration for exploratory discussions and mutual research. This industry-led marketing initiative, which represents companies covering all key aspects of the hosting industry, provides timely and accurate information on the Ireland’s digital asset hosting ecosystem demonstrating why Ireland is more cost effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible than most other regions across the EU. There's a reason companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Adobe and beyond have sought to host their solutions in as well as to/from Ireland. Many of these reasons are immediately realized due to its affordable power, redundant network and bandwidth capacity along with a variety of data center providers that offer an array of services sustained by the 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, and Power. Through the vision and wisdom of our collective and proven and studied industry insight, Host in Ireland offers visitors the most timely and accurate insider information available in order to make the decision to host digital assets in Ireland an easy one. To check out our blog, go to