The "5 Ps"

Host in Ireland is sustained by the “5 Ps” – Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power. Representing the most important aspects of digital asset hosting, Ireland’s integration of these five key elements provides a structured foundation for companies of all sizes and markets. With an understanding of how to meet needs across the board, Ireland has the ability to offer companies’ the support they need when hosting their digital assets in the EMEA region.


Ireland’s unique advantage is its political and economic stability. This provides the framework for hosting cloud services that are both private and public, but most importantly, secure. Ireland’s public policy is highly dedicated to a superior level of data protection and ensuring the safety of even the most sensitive data and information. With a pro-business political structure, Ireland has implemented an array of benefits to entice technology companies, including full package tax benefits, a lower corporate tax rate than most European countries, as well as strong public policy-making processes that protect companies’ interests.


Home to scores of global companies for over five decades, Ireland understands the networking and hosting needs of companies that deal with digital assets globally. A primary hub for nine out of 10 worldwide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) corporations, nine out of 10 pharmaceutical corporations, three out of six top gaming companies, top 10 “born on the Internet” companies, more than 50 percent of the world’s leading financial services firms and 12 out of 15 global medical device companies. Ireland’s pedigree has an increasingly impressive portfolio of companies choosing this optimum location to host their digital assets. The latest major expansion into Ireland is an ongoing project from tech giant Apple, which invested €850m into its latest data center venture in Galway set to be completed in 2017. Realizing the incredible benefits available in Ireland, Apple has made this decision carefully and strategically to usher in a new era of green, renewable energy trends and provide a boost to the global economy.


With a young, talented, multi-cultural workforce well-versed in technology, Ireland offers companies the necessary support throughout a company’s lifecycle. Uniquely affordable and highly trained, Ireland’s workforce has been ranked by the International Institute’s Management Development IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook as third for skilled labor and first for flexibility and adaptability. Most importantly, Host in Ireland is a people-centric organization that can successfully develop the optimum environment for digital asset hosting.


Ireland offers affordable power with a focus on renewable energy. Renewable energy is a large component of Ireland’s overall energy mix making up over 23.7%. A leader in the development of smart grids, Ireland offers a secure and high-quality grid and is an innovator in reducing energy use in the industrial sector. Ireland has committed to securing 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.


Global connectivity to Europe and the Americas combined with high bandwidth capacity and redundancy makes Ireland an optimum location to expand companies’ digital footprint throughout the EMEA region. Offering diverse subsea and terrestrial pathways, Ireland offers a resilient network enhancing the end-user experience.