About Host In Ireland

Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative designed to raise awareness of Ireland as the home of the hybrid cloud. Our goal is to change and shape global industry perceptions through the provisioning of timely and accurate information. With the support of a growing team of partners, Host in Ireland has harnessed the “power of the collective”, fostering an environment of co-opetition where competing companies and organizations come together to achieve common goals through cooperation and collaboration.Host in Ireland is sustained by the “5 Ps” – Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes and Power. Representing the most important aspects of digital asset hosting, Ireland’s integration of these five key elements provides a structured foundation for companies of all sizes and markets. With an understanding of how to meet needs across the board, Ireland has the ability to offer companies’ the support they need when hosting their digital assets in the EU region.To assist in this mission are two distinct groups: the Host in Ireland Advisory Council, consisting of four thought-leading telecom, data center and marketing industry professionals who recognize and celebrate the incredible potential of Ireland as a prime location to host digital assets, and the Executive Committee, consisting of 16 C-level executives from Host in Ireland’s partner companies. These two groups provide keen insights into industry perspectives, bringing fresh ideas and strategies to strengthen the initiative through collective experiences and industry-led and driven innovations.
With combined support from the Advisory Council and Executive Committee alongside a positive atmosphere of cooperation throughout the industry, Host in Ireland serves as a platform for collaboration between global organizations, a liaison into Ireland’s governmental policy and a networking partner for business opportunities.