5 Things Growing Start-Ups Need to Know

Originally posted on Silicon Republic For growing start-ups, there are a lot of things to consider at the start. How are you going to make money? What do you need to get started? Jelle Frank van der Zwet of Interxion has five essential tips to get you on the right road. growing-start-ups-advice-718x523For the majority of start-ups, getting the business going is their main focus, as it should be. Developing the product, getting ready to market, generating investment and pushing sales are all top priorities in those first couple of weeks, months and beyond. IT management and infrastructure do not tend to be a focus in those early stages. They tend to come to the fore when a company is ready to hyperscale, and unfortunately for many organisations, it is at this time that IT infrastructure problems can come to light. There are a number of need-to-know items for growing start-ups when it comes to managing IT infrastructure. To read the full article, view it on the Silicon Republic website click here.